The 2nd Transnational meeting of the project Starting with Apprenticeship. Sustainable strategies for recruiting young people interested in in-company training (StartApp) took place on the 16th-17th February 2015 in Vienna.

Project “StartApp – Sustainable strategies for recruiting young people interested in in-company training” targets mainly small to medium enterprises, in order to raise awareness on the benefits stemming from in-company training and apprenticeship. Within the framework of the project, emphasis is given to methods for attracting and selecting trainees, but also their successful integration in the regular personnel of the interested enterprise.

During the second transnational meeting, the partners discussed the progress of the project activities and presented the first project deliverable, the activation manual for the promotion of in-company training, aimed at the enterprises. This manual has been translated in the languages of the participating organizations and will constitute the stepping stone for the undertaking of relevant seminars on national level, aimed at promoting in-company training as the optimal solution for finding specialized personnel. The activities to be implemented in the near future were also presented during the meeting.

The project duration is two years and it is implemented within the framework of the European programme Erasmus+ and more specifically, the strand “Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training”. The project coordinator is the German consultancy company k.o.s GmbH, while the following organizations participate in the partnership scheme:

  • ABB Training Center GmbH & Co. KG Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training (Austria)
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)
  • Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers (Poland)