In cooperation with k.o.s. GmbH öibf organized a internationally attended thematic forum on recruitment strategies in apprenticeship on July 7th, 2016 at the "Museum Arbeitswelt" in Steyr (Upper Austria).

"On July 7th, the oeibf in cooperation with k.o.s. GmbH organized a thematic forum dedicated to recruitment strategies for apprenticeship for SMEs. Within the forum there were six inputs: Presentation of the project Start App (Anja Lietzmann, k.o.s. GmbH), barriers, benefits and motives of apprenticeship (Roland Löffler, öibf), importance of apprenticeship for regional economices and the contribution of politics (Margit Zauner, Berliner Senat), Pioneering strategies and instruments of apprenticeship (Anja Lietzmann, k.o.s. GmbH), good practice examples of practical training (Marcus Braunert, ABB Ausbildungszentrum, Berlin/Heidelberg), Support services for companies (Petra Spuller, Jugend am Werk). After the presentation of the short inputs the key note speakers first discussed questions of apprenticeship in regard to demographic changes, competition between different educational pathways, obstacles and chances for SMEs in regard to apprenticeship. In the following, participants of the conference were invited to give comments, asked questions in regard to the inputs or discuss the issues brought up by the podium. During the public discussion participants added some examples of good practice of recruitment in Germany and Austria and stressed the importance of raising awareness to the forthcoming development and of changing the mentality of businesses, youth as well as parents and teachers in regard to practical vocational education and training. "