The University of Appied Sciences BFI Vienna offers a Bachelor programme “Work Design and HR Management” as a alongside career study. Due to this the University is in contact with many companies of different sectors. With the help of the university oeibf organized a transfer workshop for HR managers which in Austria are also responsible for organizing apprenticeships.

"The participants of the event were from different types of company in regard to size and branches (including power supply, retail sale, construction, telecommunication, tourism, insurance, transport and personal services). The focus of the event was put on developing recruitment strategies for apprenticeship for small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, the presentation of Roland Löffler (oeibf) included an introduction the recruitment modell StartApp, themes and phases of recruiting apprentices, golden rules and instruments as well as evaluation tools and information on support for training companies. After the presentation there was a lively discussion on strengths, weaknesses, chances and obstacles of apprenticeships as well as possible ways of organizing the recruitment of apprentices more efficient."