Starting with Apprenticeship

Sustainable strategies for recruiting young people interested in in-company training.

Successfully finding apprentices and retaining them as skilled employees – how can it work?

The project supports small and medium sized businesses (SME) in intensifying their commitment to in-company training. To that end, this project provides solutions for the recruitment of young people interested in on the job training. Here the focus is on methods of acquisition, selection and integration of trainees during the first phase of their staff membership in the company.

Over the course of the past few/several years, stipulations for the recruitment of apprentices have increased significantly. Changes in demographics and in educational careers as well as the resulting skills shortages are the main causes. Increasingly, companies are unsuccessful at acquiring young people for in-company training. At the same time, there is a significant number of people each year interested in on the job training that remains without a vocational training placement.

Apart from matching issues, insufficient recruitment strategies are often responsible for these problems. This project therefore seeks to tackle this issue. It supports companies in successfully adapting recruitment strategies and methods in accordance with its own current framework. The focus here is on the optimisation of planning, implementation and evaluation of apprentice recruitment.

The project develops solutions that facilitate both the integration of young people in in-company training and their retainment as future skilled employees. SME also obtain support for promoting in-company training as an attractive vocational education option. Information events and workshops support the regional and national dissemination of project products. Project products are developed through a European partnership and the utilization of international expertise. project offerings :

  • an information brochure that illustrates the importance of in-company training
  • a European good practice manual presenting excellent examples of trainee recruitment gathered in four European countries,
  • an orientation kit describing innovative methods, strategies and tools of apprentice recruitment,
  • an introduction to standards and key components that ensure successful recruitment of apprentices.

Project offers are predominantly targeted at management, human resources and training personnel in SME. They are further addressed at other stakeholders in in-company training such as social partners, political decision makers and representatives of vocational schools and educational research.

The project is a two-year Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training, to be completed in 2016. It is funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ and implemented at the initiative of the EU Commission and the National Agency of the Federal Institute for Vocational Training. The project is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Issues.

Project duration: Sept 2014 – Aug 2016