As the Austrian national partner of the LdV-project "TrainCom - Developing Training Competence in IVET by Using Units of Learning Outcome" the oeibf took part at the conference „Praxisnah ausbilden – eine Herausforderung für Europa“, 09.07.2015 in Coburg/Germany and promoted the "STARTAPP"-project by disseminating flyers and brochures and short presentations during the "poster session".

The LdV-project "TrainCom", carried out by six organisations of Germany, Spain, Wales, the Czech Republic, Italy and Austria, focusses on the developing training competence in IVET by using units of learning outcome and preparing a learing platform for companies and educational institutions of the automotive sector. In this project, the peer review process was introduced as a tool for gathering information and enhancing quality insurance in training companies. the oeibf was responsible for introducing the process to the partner institutions and the training companies and for the general preparation and documentation of the peer reviews put through in four countries.

At the conference, the oeibf presented the peer review process and the findings of the peer reviews held in the project to a broad audience of representatives of companies, educational institutions, research institutes and the government (appr. 200 participants). During the presenation and the poster session, which was held during the dinner break, the oeibf promoted the STARTAPP project by disseminating flyers, brochures and short presentations of the main aims of the project. (