In an event organized by Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business and was held in the city of Larissa, Greece, experts of the project "Starting with Apprenticeship" presented the benefits that in-company training has to offer to enterprises.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development organized and held an event focusing on informing local employers and SMEs from the wider region of Larissa and Greece as well (there were participants coming from other cities except Larissa) about the diverse benefits from hiring young people interested in apprenticeship. The event’s title was “Career Counseling and the importance of apprenticeship for companies”, combining two similar and interrelated topics with emphasis on the importance of apprenticeship. In-company training was presented as a particularly effective option for selecting and maintaining highly specialised personnel.

The main objective of the event was to give extensive information to the participants so they can better understand the benefits of apprenticeships and in-company training.The event took place with the participation of 17 employers / representatives of SMEs from the city of Larissa and Greece, interested in broadening their knowledge of personnel selection and training options and approaches.